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Tuesday 19 August 2014

Out With the Yesterday, In With th- Hey, That Looks Cool, Too! + Bass Inauguration

I'd figured that a bass is pretty much a bass - but after getting a bass yesterday and playing with it a bit, I actually did some reading about their differences, and today I exchanged that bass for a new, new bass.

And this is it:

Camera Glare
Way-Cool Neck

The bass I exchanged is a Fender P-bass, and this one is a Geddy Lee model Fender Jazz bass.

This Geddy Lee model bass has a consistent note-sustain/decay, rather than the previous bass's louder initial punch and then a more abrupt fade-out of the note. This one also sounds nicer from having better pickups - though 'nicer' here is still going to be subjective.

This bass has a thinner neck than the one I exchanged, both in width and front-to-back depth, and so it's easier to adjust to playing for a guitarist like me, since guitars have thinner necks than basses. The neck is also just wonderful-feeling on its own, from a combination of the maple wood and the finish used on it.

Also, this guitar has better weight distribution between the neck and body, compared to the previous bass. The most important difference for me, though, is the consistent, smooth note-sustain/decay.

I'm looking forward to having bass in my tracks - previously, I would either omit a bass-line, or try to fake one by EQ'ing a guitar down to bass range, or possibly use MIDI.

This bass is a whole lot of fun to play. Here's a clip I just made to test it out:

I can throw down guitar tracks in no time, while the most cumbersome part of making a recording, for me, continues to be creating drums using a MIDI sequencer. This bass-line took ~7 minutes to make up - and then the drums took several hours to etch out, one hit at a time. After that, it was just 1.5 minutes to record the bass-line over the drums.

C~ Soundscapes

Monday 18 August 2014

I Got Bass

I got myself a bass today. To think it was such an easy thing to accomplish and that I've gone without for so long.

Now I only need to figure out how these things work - I already tried standing on it, but that didn't seem to do anything. I wonder what else I can try...

And this one below is my other elec-g. This guitar is custom tailored by myself in all of its smallest details, including the paint and wiring - and the result is flawless (well, the neck is a bit heavy, but maybe I'm just a bit weak). If this guitar had a name, I guess it might be Raphael - I'm too not sure that it has a name, though.

C~ Soundscapes