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Wednesday 30 November 2016

The next track, a bit more progress gets

Got some further work done on the rhythm guitar parts for this next track, and it's sounding really good.

Doesn't it look like it sounds really good?

C~ Soundscapes

Sunday 27 November 2016

The beginnings of another track

This represents guitar work for a new track's intro:

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what time-signature the track was in, so that I could play to a click, since that keeps things organized while editing, and easier for someone else to lay drums down to (if I end up getting someone to play drums for this), but I discovered that this doesn't really fit to a time-signature that I know how to easily put in... it seems that a half-beat in a 4/4 signature is dropped every third bar, and so the actual music sections keep receding away from a time-signature of 4/4. The music sounds right, though. So, I'm just recording it without any click, and relying on my own internal rhythm, which isn't a problem.

Each take is recorded with 3 tracks, one for each mic that I'm using. I could set things up so that all 3 mics feed into one track, and reduce the overall track usage, but I like to change the mic levels independently, and sometimes edit takes from the different mics distinctly from each other. Overall, though, I'm expecting to be more lax with how I record this track than I have been with some others that I've recorded, in both planning and editing, and I think I can do that and still have a great sound, because the sound of my actual guitar rig has improved substantially since my previous recordings, and so I don't feel that I'll need as much layering, plugins, and mixing to try to make it sound great.

We'll find out, but I'm already confident the result will be good.

C~ Soundscapes

Friday 25 November 2016

(Just) Some pretty photos

These are some photos, obv. But they are nice photos, obv. I am sharing these photos, obv. Hope you like them.


Sorry, no newly-recorded music. But I feel that it is long overdue, which is probably an obv thing to be feeling by now, so I will make an effort to record something, and it will be good (resisting the temptation to say obv there, aaaaand... done. But it will be).
C~ Soundscapes