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Saturday 18 March 2017

So, where is that track? Here, sort-of.

Well I guess it's not fully here, although its sort-of version is, and I apologize for that - and also for not saying something about its absence before now. Why? Well, reasons, and I don't think it's coming in the next few weeks, either.

Instead of talking about the full reasons for why it hasn't shown up, I'm going to do something that I really do not want to do, and provide a link to the track as it is, which is basically how it was the last time I posted about it, which is to say I haven't done any further recording for it. I could have posted it a while ago, but if I did that, and people listened to it, then what would be the point of working on it further, once I'm again able to? And it's a great track that will only become more awesome by working on it further. Since it's been so long, and since I still don't know when I can get back to it, I'm posting it, anyway.

So, with a recommendation to not listen to it (unless you really want to, which I guess is what I should hope for... actually, I think you should listen to it), here's that that track as it is, and as it will be until I get back to working on it...

... Which might not be for another month, or more, but I really don't know right now. What I do know is that I don't have either of my electric guitars with me right now, and when I have them back, then I likely will not have the power amp for my main guitar rig with me for 3 weeks to a month.

The guitar that I've written about modifying and having bought a custom replacement neck for has been with a local luthier I know for over 1/3rd of a year now, because they agreed with me to shave the back of that guitar's original neck down, apply a finish, and refret the guitar in exchange for the custom replacement neck I'd ordered for that guitar, and which was just too bright sounding for my tastes (its brightness didn't work with any of my guitar rig's presets, which all work with both the original neck's sound, and with my other electric guitar).

Having spent my money on that guitar neck, I needed a way to recoup on the neck, while also still doing something about that guitar to either fix up the existing neck (worn frets, neck too thick for my hand to play comfortably) . So, I bartered this deal, which has seen me go without having that guitar to play for many months now. The luthier is busy with lots of business and says they aren't going to put a non-paid job ahead of their paid work, but has assured me they'll have it done by the end of this month.

I've been playing my other electric, so that hasn't been a total problem, though I have missed playing that guitar. But now, I've also brought my other guitar to the same luthier to install an Earvana compensated nut, and so now I'm without either guitar. I should also have that guitar back by end of this month.

That's the guitar stuff.

I also need to take my Strategy 500 power amp to a tech for a capacitor replacement job, because it's doing some humming out of one channel right now, which I think is a capacitor going bad. The amp's 25 or so years old, and hasn't had any caps replaced, so it's about time for that.

I expect the amp to be gone for at least a few weeks, as I said above, because there's always a backlog for this stuff - and there aren't a lot of options for getting it done here in Vancouver, either. Some popular local techs simply didn't want to do the job, saying it's too big, or they've got too much other stuff.

So I'll get the job done at the service centre that I usually go to, which already has some equipment of mine right now, and has had it for over 2 months. But I won't take the amp there until I get my previous equipment back from them. They say they're really busy, too. I guess Vancouver needs some more techs.

And I'm not saying this current lack of access to my gear is why I haven't already finished the music track I previously was working on (it isn't), but not having my stuff is definitely going to ensure I won't be recording with it until I have it back. Clearly, there is an issue with audio tech service efficiency in Vancouver, BC (sort of like with me).

Even though I haven't worked on recording anything (other than many new tracks with my phone just for archiving), my tone configuration has grown, and come into greater clarity and refined. So, here's what my pedal board looks like, right now.

Other than the BOSS CS-3 (blue) compressor and the MXR DII clone that I built (lower-left, teal), those pedals aren't used in the new track I've posted while sort-of recommending you don't listen to it (but also sort-of recommending you do), so that when it is finished, whenever that is, it will be amaze and new.

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