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Tuesday 14 April 2015

Haikus for Grand Theft Auto V

Regarding the video game GTA V.

Someone, somewhere, claimed to offer gift copies of GTA V for PC to people who made the best written haikus about GTA. The offer seems to have been bunk, but I wrote for it, and I'll post what I wrote for it here to get use out of it.

Ideally to be performed by beatniks at some poetry club.

Spoken by Michael:

Got plans to succeed
Right hand of cards' all I need
Till then people bleed

Spoken by Trevor:

Riding a hot wire
Jacked way up to the heavens
High flying mayhem

Spoken by Franklin:

Running, driving, stop
Eat burger at a diner
Leave and shoot a cop

Spoken by Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, together:

Paradise is near
High-class homes and drinks, no beer
More than a veneer

White lines, cars, and jets
Dream green, no failure, no debts
Hands red as they get

* snapping of fingers in beatnik-style acclamation *

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