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Friday 6 January 2017

Snow pics, track update

I apologize for my slowness with this track. I'm trying to come back to where I last left it before Christmas, which is with the rhythm guitar finished as well as some of the bassline, but I'm feeling awful right now, to the point that I don't feel I can work on it right away. I'll get back to it as soon as I'm able, finishing up the bassline, and any lead work that it needs, and then having someone put drums to it.

Something completely different, though, is this collection of photos that I took of the snow around my place.


But snow is not the only thing I've taken photographs of. There are a couple pedals I've recently added to my collection: a '76 DOD 250 clone, made by a hobbyist in Russia, bought by me (cheaper than making one, myself), and a 90's reissue Micro Synthesizer. Both of these may feature in the upcoming track, or they may not - I don't know right now, but both of those pedals work excellently for producing a great lead guitar sound.

Also, my guitar amp rack is almost completed. There are a couple of items not in this photo, because they're getting some work done on them, but this is pretty much my dream amp setup,

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