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Sunday 6 March 2016

PSA: Amp setup features in a blog update

After many alterations, and with more alterations likely still to occur, this is generally how my main amp setup is currently looking.

On the pedal shelf are 3 of the BYOC pedals which I've soldered myself, including the Phase Royal (orange), an OD2 (black), Mouse (blue / green). And on top of the rack case is the 4th I built, an speckled orange Ping Pong analog delay, which I've virtually never had a use for, and which I guess I ought to sell for having lack of use for.

The pedals on the rack shelf are on independently-switchable channels, but are ordered as:
BYOC Phase Royal > BYOC OD2 > BOSS Metal Zone > BYOC Mouse > Big Muff Pi

Then things go to the preamps, and in the preamp effect loops are:
Analogman Bi-Chorus > Strymon TimeLine

I'm using the Vox wah pedal out front of everything for a signal buffer, which serves to keep the guitar tone bright and full as the sound signal runs through long stretches of otherwise tone-depreciating instrument cable until it reaches the power amp.

I also started recording a new track, though I'm sort of in a paused state on it... but I might be about ready to start working on it again. Here's a small spoiler concerning it: It's sounding really great.

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