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Saturday 30 January 2016

I'm now working with Will on the drums for DoE

I've started working with Will Jones once again for the drums for Drops of Emerald (Will played drums on tracks The Stars are Iridescent, Superblast!, and My World Come True).

I had programmed close to half the drums for the track before I contacted Will to see if he'd like to work with me again for this track, and now we're sending clips back and forth while we discuss what we think works best for the music (whereas with the previous tracks I just handed them to Will and he sent me the final thing, though I edited-in some kick drum grace-notes on MWCT).

It's enjoyable for me to hear how a drummer thinks about the track, and I look forward to being able to post the final result here. I'm not sure how much longer it will be, but perhaps a couple or a few days more, just guessing.

Here's a teaser (*warning, spoilers!*):

Intro - 0:00
Chorus 1 - 0:12
Verse 1 - 0:41
Chorus 2 - 0:57
Verse 2 - 1:25
Heavy Part 1 - 1:42
Chorus 3 - 2:03
Verse 3 - 2:31
Heavy Part 2 - 2:47
Heavy Part Extension - 2:26
Solo Chorus - 3:35
Solo Verse - 4:03
Segue - 4:22
Ending - 4:40

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Thursday 28 January 2016

Almost there with DoE

I've finished all guitar and bass work on the new track, Drops of Emerald, and am working to finish the drums. Awesome track, thinks I.

Also almost there is the DIY phaser pedal I'm working on, here shown in all its glorious sprayed-on orange, compared to original.



Maybe it's because I used a lot of coats of paint, but after drying for a day and a half, the surface of it still feels a bit sticky and emits paint smell.

C~ Soundscapes

Friday 22 January 2016

Blurbing some news

Good news: I've started recording another track, which at this time is titled Drops of Emerald, and is already amazing sounding.

Other good news:

- My guitar amps, including the JMP-1 of previous blog mention, are now all fully functional and set up
- I've figured out ways to improve my guitar sound
- I've improved my recording techniques and so have also improved my recorded guitar sound

It's like everything has recently received a big level up, where my gear-readiness and sound is concerned. I haven't really done much with bass for a while though, we'll see how that goes for this upcoming track.

Cool enough news: I'm building a new guitar pedal, a Phase Royal. I've built a few of these kit pedals before, and my main boost and pedal distortion comes from pedal kits which I've soldered together. The actual soldering doesn't take too long, maybe a couple of hours. Waiting for spray paint to dry on the pedal enclosure is the longer part. I think that this one'll be a slightly more reddish orange that the traditional MXR phaser that it's based on (with a whole bunch of features added):

C~ Soundscapes