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Sunday 21 June 2015

New track: Arcane Melody

Often when I'm deciding to work on some music, my fingers end up producing something entirely new in a short period of time, and my attention is redirected. While working on Superblast, I came up with the beginnings of a few more new tracks, which are mostly complete now, although not yet recorded.

One of those tracks seemed like its parts could make for one whole track, or that maybe its parts actually belonged to 2 - 3 unique tracks. This track below is expanded from what was just one piece from that particular track.

C~ Soundscapes


Saturday 13 June 2015

Superblast!: Will's drumming version now posted

Here's the version of Superblast! with Will's drumming. He did a great job, and I'm really loving listening to the track with him drumming on it. But I first had to get down something closer to the rhythm I felt inside me before shifting my perspective to his take, which is why I posted the track with a simple kick and snare beat first.

I made a decision to not listen to his approach more than once until I'd done that, so that I could always  go reference my earlier feeling - It felt important to me that I preserved what the track had been in my mind, before letting it branch into something a bit different.

That's not meant to suggest I've got issues with the track as it's presented, I think it's a super blast! (aha) ... and it feels incredible for me to listen to.

I also made an edit to extend the after-solo chorus. Wish I'd recorded it that way from the start:
C~ Soundscapes


Thursday 11 June 2015

Superblast! - Remixed & Reposted

I'm not using professional studio monitors, and so the sound I'm hearing back as I mix is an inaccurate representation of what others might be hearing on their speaker systems. On my end, I thought I had so much bass I wondered whether I'd be hurting people's ears with it! But the feedback I've gotten regarding the track was that bass and kick drum are too absent in the mix.

So I've done some tweaks, and I think that this version is greatly improved, and the bass and kick presence does now sound a hell of a lot better.

I'll remove the previous youtube upload and leave this one in its place.


C~ Soundscapes

Wednesday 10 June 2015

New Music: Superblast!

Here's my new track that I've been speaking of. I think it does manage to kick ass after all.

I received the audio files for the drumming from Will today, and while I'm very appreciative of the work he did, I felt another rhythm was better suited for the track, and so I put down my own take of it today, using just kickdrum and snare - with influence from Will's version. I'll still upload Will's version of the drumming for this track, but maybe in a few days.

For now, enjoy.

[ Video Replaced - See Above Post ]

C~ Soundscapes


Wednesday 3 June 2015

Will-Powering Superblast

This aforementioned track, now titled Superblast, is in the hands of drummer-for-hire extraordinaire Will Jones, who is also the one who played drums in another track I've uploaded, The Stars Are Iridescent. Once I've got the recording of his drumming (which will be in a few days), I'll do any quick mixing needed and then upload and post it here.

I think the track itself has come out sounding pretty darn good, though after hearing all the pieces of a track with laser focus continuously for 3 days straight I can start to hear it in a very different way than would and will sound to virgin ears, and than how it will sound to my ears upon listening to it again after taking a break from it. That shift in perception after a bit of separation can result in some things that sounded awesome while working on it suddenly sounding nonsensical and jarring, and sometimes things that were feeling all wrong for what was intended suddenly sounding incredible in an unforeseen way.

Right now, the tune's presentation is notably different than my initial impression of what it was going to be, and I don't fully know what I'm going to think about that later, but I'm really enjoying listening to what it now is.

C~ Soundscapes