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In reverse-chronological order:

More pedal power for my rig
Skies of Tatooine / renewal of the ATA case
New track: For the Continuum
Sweet incoming rack equipment
Showcase: My first guitar and amp
So, where is that track? Here, sort-of.
Snow pics, track update
Interim track demo: Moss & Marigold
A bit more progress, the next track gets
The next track, a bit more progress gets
The beginnings of another track
(Just) Some pretty photos
Pipeline panorama, and rack amp... panorama?
Happy Trudging (sound demo)
Checking in with two acoustic pieces of music: The Thoughts of Clouds & Snowfall's Interlude
Some guitar noodling, demoing new guitar neck
Guitar customization trials, some error
New track: You're My Natural Cocaine
That next track that is definitely coming sometime soonish (and some photos)
Short guitar track: Tides of the Ether
And now, with shiny new knobs.... a presentation of pedals
As paint dries...
Alesis 3630 vs 3632 compressor, in a guitar rack
PSA: Amp setup features in a blog update
My completed Phase Royale pedal, and a new track demoing it - The Blue Tides and You
Having no more ados to further, here is (new track) Drops of Emerald
I'm now working with Will on the drums for DoE
Almost there with DoE
Blurbing some news
A Merry Mixmas compilation
What's a monk to do? I guess a monk's to do this.
Breaking sad news...
New track: Being Like the Wind
The assembling of a guitar amp rack
How to install a pickguard - Part 2: The right way
A bit of info about the recording Our World Come True
New track: Our World Come True
Will's on drums!
News for a new track
Might take a couple of weeks...
Been a while... but have a few things to mention
Anecdote, anecdote...
New track: Arcane Melody
Superblast!: Will's drumming version now posted
Superblast! - Remixed & Reposted
New Music: Superblast!
Will-Powering Superblast
Status Report for the Forthcoming Track
Haikus for Grand Theft Auto V
Into the Blue & Dragonsnap Prototypes
I shouldn't do this
Minotaurous Thrives
fatal system error
One more day
Liquid Crystal
Prep Post
Out With the Yesterday, In With th- Hey, That Looks Cool, Too!
I Got Bass
A Luminaire, Darkly
And now for something completely familiar...
Post of Duty
The Stars are Iridescent
Better test post