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Saturday 7 February 2015

Into the Blue & Dragonsnap Prototype

Been a whiles since posting, and I want to get to where I'm posting tracks with more regularity than previously ( I certainly have the music for it ), but I haven't got myself into position for that just yet.

First, here's an acoustic playing of a fun track, which, at this time, has the title Into the Blue.

Next, this is one of my favourite tracks of my own - Dragonsnap. But this is only a rough copy of it, while I very much hope to later make a fully polished recording. Probably the reason it isn't already a polished recording is that I sold the effects pedal which I had recorded an earlier take of the track with, and I want to get another of that same effects pedal for when I properly record this track. Don't have an idea on when it might be that works out.

C~ Soundscapes

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