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Saturday 13 June 2015

Superblast!: Will's drumming version now posted

Here's the version of Superblast! with Will's drumming. He did a great job, and I'm really loving listening to the track with him drumming on it. But I first had to get down something closer to the rhythm I felt inside me before shifting my perspective to his take, which is why I posted the track with a simple kick and snare beat first.

I made a decision to not listen to his approach more than once until I'd done that, so that I could always  go reference my earlier feeling - It felt important to me that I preserved what the track had been in my mind, before letting it branch into something a bit different.

That's not meant to suggest I've got issues with the track as it's presented, I think it's a super blast! (aha) ... and it feels incredible for me to listen to.

I also made an edit to extend the after-solo chorus. Wish I'd recorded it that way from the start:
C~ Soundscapes


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