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Friday 18 September 2015

Been a while... but have a few things to mention

I've put some recording work into a new track, which is a newish tune, one of two which I guess I came up with while playing those other three I mentioned coming up with during Superblast!'s recording, and I worked this one out while trying to settle on which of the other three I wanted to record to completion first... I guess as a distraction from indecision, which worked out to be a very productive manner of procrastination.

The recording still needs a bassline, drums, and a solo. And I keep thinking that with one of the next tracks I'll make vocals to go with it, though I don't know when I'm gonna start doing that. When I do, I'll start adding vocals to the previous tracks I've made, as well.

Regardless, the track I'm working on now is great sounding (again), and I'll upload it when it's completed.

I recently replaced the tubes in my Mesa/Boogie Strategy 500 power amp, and here's a shot of what that amp, loaded with glass power tubes, looks like with the case off:

edit: here are a couple more pics that I had on my computer.
Only the tops of the power tubes are visible in the first pic - there are also 4 preamp tubes, which are smaller and hidden from view. Different brands of tubes produce slightly different tone and distortion qualities.
The old tube set was comprised of all Groove Tubes, and for the replacement I tried out combinations of everything I had at my disposal, which included the brands JJ, Elextro-Harmonix, Ruby, and the Groove Tubes that were already in the amp. In the end, I've gone with this eclectic assortment:

8x JJs for the 6L6 sockets
4x Ruby KT88s for the 6550 sockets
4x Electro-Harmonix for the 12ax7 preamp sockets

And in my Marshall JMP-1 preamp, which runs into the Strategy 500 power amp, I have one Electro-Harmonix, and one Tung Sol tube, placed in particular order.

While trying different combinations of tubes in the Strategy 500, I also found the particular placements of same-brand tubes to affect the overall shape of sound breakup in the end, so I swapped the KT88s and 6L6s around until I found the smoothest melodic noise - and it is really smooth-sounding. I guess I'll get to show that off with the next track I put out.

Only one channel of the Strategy 500 power amp is currently usable, as the other blew something or other a while ago, maybe from a tube going bad (though they all tested as OK in the amp's other channel). I hope to get the blown channel fixed soon.

I also recently won a disc copy of a Final Fantasy VI remix/inspired album from OCRemix, so thanks OCRemix for this:

There's a youtube vid of the album that can be listened to. I think it contains lots of great music, and I'm listening to it right now.

C~ Soundscapes

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