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Saturday 30 January 2016

I'm now working with Will on the drums for DoE

I've started working with Will Jones once again for the drums for Drops of Emerald (Will played drums on tracks The Stars are Iridescent, Superblast!, and My World Come True).

I had programmed close to half the drums for the track before I contacted Will to see if he'd like to work with me again for this track, and now we're sending clips back and forth while we discuss what we think works best for the music (whereas with the previous tracks I just handed them to Will and he sent me the final thing, though I edited-in some kick drum grace-notes on MWCT).

It's enjoyable for me to hear how a drummer thinks about the track, and I look forward to being able to post the final result here. I'm not sure how much longer it will be, but perhaps a couple or a few days more, just guessing.

Here's a teaser (*warning, spoilers!*):

Intro - 0:00
Chorus 1 - 0:12
Verse 1 - 0:41
Chorus 2 - 0:57
Verse 2 - 1:25
Heavy Part 1 - 1:42
Chorus 3 - 2:03
Verse 3 - 2:31
Heavy Part 2 - 2:47
Heavy Part Extension - 2:26
Solo Chorus - 3:35
Solo Verse - 4:03
Segue - 4:22
Ending - 4:40

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