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Friday 2 November 2018

A newish track and some or a bunch of Autumn photos (and some gifs and videos)

Here's a track I recently finished recording and uploaded to YouTube, but without posting about it on this blog. Actually, this is a slightly tweaked version of what I previously uploaded, as I changed the EQ and mixing some for this version, and not in a made-it-worse way, but, the opposite. So, this is like a remaster of something you might not have heard before to have known its preremaster sound.

And, here are some pictures of Autumn. If you'd like to download larger copies of some of these photos, you can from this link.

And, some animated gifs that my phone nicely auto-made for me from photos I took (just as I'd planned). Click em for the larger versions and be immersed.

I had wanted to make a long record of leaves falling, but this video is only 21 seconds long. Maybe that's enough.

This is a video I took of many salmon trying to swim upstream to wherever. By the way, it stunk very badly anywhere within like 20 feet of the riverside / streamside, which would be because of all the dead salmon that I could see lying against large rocks and tree roots in the water. Eugh.

C~ Soundscapes

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