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Friday 27 November 2015

How to install a pickguard - Part 2: The right way

If you read it in the post Anectdote, anecdote..., I swapped out the pickguard and some other things from my Stratocastor, with some of the changes working out well (the string trees), and other things not quite working out so well (mostly everything else), or even not working at all (the gold tuners).

Well now I've tried again, this time with a correctly-fitting pickguard, and things have gone quite a bit more satisfactorily. I also included other embellishments such as black pickup mounting screws, gold pickguard screws, and black volume and tone knobs.

I first looked for a matte black pickguard with white outer lining, but found only glossy black with the white lacing.

Altogether, I think it's a pretty nice visual touch up. Check out those gold pickguard screws, all merely-8 of them.

And for comparison, here was the previous incarnation:

I gotta wonder why the modern Strat pickguard uses so many screws, when the vintage pickguard's fewer screws looks a lot nicer (especially when filled with gold screws on a black pickguard), and accomplishes the purpose of screwing down a loaded pickguard flawlessly.
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