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Tuesday 1 December 2015

The assembling of a guitar amp rack

Once upon a time about exactly two week ago, I replaced the capacitors and battery holder in my Marshall JMP-1 preamp for the sake of preventative maintenance, and convenience on the part of the battery holder.

But afterwards the preamp didn't behave properly. It became overly bright in tone, and its digital display would no longer operate correctly. Also, some presets on the preamp would cause the amp to emit a high pitched tone, and no guitar sound.
So the preamp has been sent to a shop for repairs, along with some other gear, to get everything back into tip top condition.
Meanwhile, I've started preparing a new rack-based amp setup, pulling out some gear that's been sitting in storage for a long time. This case and its included gear is to be the foundation for the setup.

After hours of meticulous pouring over blueprints in search of the most powerful design, the following layout was arrived at, and all involved were congratulated for the progress made.

The list of gear it will hold:
1. Furman power conditioner
2. Behringer tuner
3. Marshall JMP-1 (for most distortion sounds)
4. A/DA MP-1 (for most clean sounds)
5. Voodoo GCX channel switcher
6. slide-out shelf for effect pedals

Next will be to decide which pedals will go on the shelf, with 1 pedal per each of the 8 channels on the Voodoo GCX channel switcher.

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  1. Basically speaking you fucked the jmp1 messing with it

    1. Basically, yup. I think it was static shock damage from handling it without first touching touching something that's grounded. Expensive lesson learned.

  2. Thats a real pisser man, jmp1 are great pre amps for sure

    1. Yeah, it sure is a great amp. It cost me around $350 CND to get a replacement JMP-1 bPCB, which I then transferred into my old JMP-1's chassis.

  3. Good it sorted man, dont mess with it again is the answer